We pride ourselves on fresh produce, organic and dry produce items.

Our specialties include

  • Very safe and Healthy Fresh/dry Produce items
  • Beautiful colours of produce items
  • Excellent flavours/ taste
  • Good Shelf Life
  • Excellent value for money
  • Food Safety and traceability of our best quality Australian and Globally sourced Fresh Produce Items.
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About Us

Sanjuku International, an Australian Export/Import business company based  in Victoria State of Australia,.Sanjuku International,a business leader in Food and Agri Business and involved in  sourcing out directly from the growers, producers and pack house establishment for Australian and Global fresh produce items and exporting/importing Fresh Produce items including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, dry fruits, organically grown fresh produces items to the global markets at very competitive rates throughout the year.

Sanjuku International, an authorised, approved, official supplier and registered with Department of Agriculture and water resources and other associated government agencies including Australian Trade Commission. Sanjuku International is a member of Horticulture Innovation, Food Innovation Australia limited, Citrus Australia and Ex member of Australian Horticultural Exporters and importers Association.

 Sanjuku International has been managed by qualified and dedicated Horticulture/Agronomy/Biotechnology Postgraduates with support from various relevant industry people having extensive experience, nationally and internationally.

Sanjuku International has been highly recognized by importers/buyers and exporters/sellers for wide range of variety, availability and quality of fresh/frozen food and produce at a very reasonable prices.