Excellent source of vitamins.  Good source of dietry fibre and folate.


Export Quality Asparagus


Broccoli with ice for export

Broccoli kept under ice
during air transportation

Harvested Fennel


Potatoes, White Chats

Potatoes, Red Chats

Truss Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Hot Chillies

Chillies, Hot Red

Squash Melons

Squash Melon

Butternut Pumpkins

Honeydew Melons

Carrots on sorting belt


Reefer Containers Ship
getting ready for sailing (export)
Vegetable cases ready
for export

Reefer 40 feet container

Container is being loaded

Broccoli on sorting,
grading and packing line
Air Pallets ready to
load on to Air Cargo
Air Containers being despatched
to Aircraft loading

Vegetables Field

Vegetables are being grown
for export purposes

Vegetables seedling